Retail Indulgence: Collective Haul from February! (Fashion and Beauty)

We hope you all had a great leap day/hump day! For the past month of February we both made trips to Forever 21, H&M, our local drugstores, and other fun places and got a lot of great items at an affordable price!

Because our haul was actually really long, we divided the haul into two separate videos so if you’re interested in one thing over the other you can watch either or, or if you’re feeling daring you can watch both! As you all know, we love to shop so this was definitely a lot of fun to film for you guys, we hope you enjoy!

Fashion (H&M and Forever 21):

Beauty (Target, Walgreens, CVS, MAC):

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XOXO Karla and Alyssa


Finally Joining the Zoya Bandwagon

Towards the end of our previous post/haul video, we share with you guys the two (free) Zoya nail polishes we got for a deal (two polishes for $6.95–you only pay for shipping!). Unfortunately, Karla’s Zoya order has yet to come in because of a little mistake.

It was tough picking out the colors especially because the color range is so extensive, but from looking at the different swatches online, I narrowed it down finally (took me a while, I tell ya). I chose the colors Kristen and Yara, because they look nothing like what I have in my current nail polish collection.

I was extremely excited for them to come in, and for a week or two they’ve just been collecting dust since I like to make my rounds with the other un-used nail polishes I have. Finally I got to try one of them out, and I chose the color Kristen.

I’ve always heard of how great Zoya nail polishes are. Being the first time I’ve tried this brand of nail polish, I had high expectations from all the great reviews I’ve been seeing and hearing. And long behold, the formula of this nail polish is perfection! While applying, the polish was smooth and had a very opaque coverage that I didn’t need to go back for more nail polish for all five of my fingers. I really like how there were no streaks and especially how I didn’t need a second coat for it to be opaque in coverage.

These pictures do show two coats though because I always apply two coats of any polish (insurance purposes).

Anyhow, the dry time of the nail polish was really quick, I painted these not too long ago and I don’t have to fret about smudging my nails on the keyboard. I am extremely pleased with this and especially the color I chose. Kristen is this beautiful ¬†pale periwinkle sky blue with a cool, pastel hue. It’s gorgeous! Seriously, I don’t know why it took me so long to jump on the Zoya hype, but I’m glad I did because I can’t wait to check out the other colors!

XO Alyssa