Drugstore Indulgence: Sinful Colors “Green Ocean”

Does everybody have their St. Patty’s Day mani ready? If not, I have a solution for a quick, easy, and very affordable way to get it done! Now, I’m sure most of us are familiar with the new nail trend of “flakies” or flake glitters. These bad boys are iridescent oddly cut glitters that add kind of a stained glass and holographic or rather three-dimensional look to the nails without the mess. I just recently discovered this brand called Sinful Colors sold at Walgreens at $1.99 per bottle, and one day while perusing the large selection of nail polishes, I stumbled upon this baby! Sinful Colors Green Ocean. Now, what a beaut!

Green Ocean is a green jelly based nail polish with round iridescent blue glitters and flakies that reflect a green and yellow tint.

I really wanted to capture it the best way possibly so you guys can see just how gorgeous this nail polish is. I nearly drooled while staring at this in person while in the store! You can see the shine of blue when the light hits it, it’s awesome!

Being this was the first time I tried anything from this brand, I was reluctant. Buy you know that saying: you’ll never know unless you try? I tried it! And better yet I caught it while it was on a deal when all sinful colors were only $.99! Woo!

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Drugstore Discovery: [More] Wet N Wild Megalast Nailpolishes!

I just did a recent purchase at Walgreens thinking I could catch the buy 2 get 1 free deal, but apparently I was too late! Boo. But it’s okay because for $1.99 a bottle, I couldn’t complain! I was really happy with the colors I bought not too long ago, that you have maybe seen in my previous post. So after quite a long day of midterms and never-ending classes, I knew I wanted to treat myself to some new goodies. No harm in that, right?

So I got these four bad boys! There are 16 colors total, and because I have six already, I knew I should just get colors that stood out to me the most, so here you go for your viewing pleasure!

(From L to R: Club Havana, Haze of Love, Tropicalia, Bite the Bullet)

These colors are gorgeous, and I absolutely cannot get enough of these! I have a load of untried nail polishes, but these–I put on my “priority” nail polish list to try next. It’s an obsession, quite frankly.

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Retail Indulgence: Collective Haul from February! (Fashion and Beauty)

We hope you all had a great leap day/hump day! For the past month of February we both made trips to Forever 21, H&M, our local drugstores, and other fun places and got a lot of great items at an affordable price!

Because our haul was actually really long, we divided the haul into two separate videos so if you’re interested in one thing over the other you can watch either or, or if you’re feeling daring you can watch both! As you all know, we love to shop so this was definitely a lot of fun to film for you guys, we hope you enjoy!

Fashion (H&M and Forever 21):

Beauty (Target, Walgreens, CVS, MAC):

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XOXO Karla and Alyssa

Drugstore Discovery: Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color

Another Drugstore Discovery of the day was at the same place, Walgreens. I found new lip color additions to the Megalast line! I’ve seen these around the web as well, and knew immediately I need to snatch them up. I only own two colors from the WNW Megalast line before the two I bought today and I was very pleased with the color payoff and the quality, so I knew I would not regret this purchase.

I got the shades Cherry Picking (L) and Don’t Blink Pink (R). From the tube the shades radiate the most gorgeous hues, and when swatched it’s true to the color.

Cherry Picking reminds me a lot of the Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart, just more opaque which I like a lot better. Don’t Blink Pink is a gorgeous bubble gum opaque bright pink which I have a lot of in my collection, but can’t get enough of! These shades are definitely loud, but that’s never a bad thing.

These run for about 1.99-2.50 a piece (depending on which drugstore you go to) which is a lot more affordable than the higher end lippes I have. I find the quality of these lipsticks to even match my MAC lipsticks as well. Because these are matte shades, they last a lot longer on your lips but do not leave them drying which is always a plus! Overall, I love these! I am so excited they put new shades out, because there are even more options for us lip junkies.

Check these babies out if you’re looking for opaque lipsticks with a matte finish that do not leave your lips drying, and are really affordable! Also, take note of any sales in your local ad for your drugstores because sometimes they sell wet n wild for 50% off–then you can get them for even cheaper! Let me know if you have tried any of these or want to–I’d love to hear your feedback!

XO Alyssa

Drugstore Discovery: New Wet N Wild Megalast Nailpolishes

While browsing around the web, I noticed a lot of blogs posted about the new Wet N Wild products that have released within the past couple weeks. From new polishes, eyeshadows and lipsticks, they have expanded their range of color and product. I’ve always been a fan of Wet N Wild because of the affordable price tag plus the quality of their products. I haven’t been let down from the products I currently have, which I do happen to use on a day to day basis.

I headed to my nearest Walgreens (mostly because they have a bigger selection of Wet N Wild than the other drugstores around me), and went wild! I saw that not only was their nail polishes only $1.99, but it was buy 2 get 1 free! You can see why I was so ecstatic. I haven’t tried out any of the Wet N Wild nail polishes before, but from what I know they have reformulated the “megalast” line and have revamped the brush and packaging as well.


(From L to R: Wet Cement, Undercover, On a Trip, Through the Grapevine, Heatwave, I Need a Refresh-Mint)

The packaging is adorable, I love the way the bottle is shaped–it’s sleek, and different from the typical round bottle of nail polishes we often see. Since this line of WNW polishes are revamped, only a select are actual new shades. I honestly do not know for a fact which colors are “new” to the line being that they all have the “new” sticker on them–but they are new to me, so that’s all that matters! I picked out the colors I knew I did not have any similar in my collection. But like any nail polish fanatic, I did have to get the greige and mint color because those are my faves.

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