Lovable Locks: Ombre Hair

Hey everyone!! Okay I know the Ombre trend is a big thing right now. It’s also a trend I am in love with. I really haven’t been too thrilled by my hair since March. So I have been dying to Ombre my hair since then. As a result eventually I took the leap maybe a month ago with a stylist I found on Instagram. Just goes to show you how useful social media sites are!! Anyways I have taken some pictures to share with you guys, which I don’t think do it any justice, for the life of me I could not get the lighting right. I have a picture of my hair before the appointment then with the actual Ombre it was a few weeks after. There is a straightened Ombre then a curly Ombre picture.

I am so happy with the results! As I said before, the pictures are nothing to how it looks like in person! Any whoo, are you guys currently into the Ombre trend or would you leave it?

XOXO Karla


Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is in less than a month, and I thought it’d be fun if I’d put together a little collage of things I have kept in my shopping cart in multiple websites. It’s funny because when I look at this as a whole, I notice a few things: 1. HELLZ/BOTB 2. Brandy Melville and 3. I still want that army jacket with the pleather sleeves! 0_0 Makes sense, it’s all things I’ve been eyeing and loving from afar.

BOTB crop top* // NASTY crop top* // BRAWLIN’ tank top //
C’EST CHIC top // CORAL WRAP bracelet // LIPS OPEN BACK top //
SPLASH OF GRENADINE nailpolish by Essie* // LEOPARD LOAFERS from Target* //
ARMY JACKET from Urban Outfitters* // SCHOOL BAG // PENCIL POUCH

* indicates the items I really really really want.

I really love putting together little collages like this just because it puts everything in one place and gives a perspective of what my likes really are. It says it all — I love anything Hellz, loose fitting tops, and I can’t stop obsessing over the pleather sleeve jacket. Gimme gimme!

Do you guys have anything saved in your shopping carts you’d like to share? I know I can’t be the only one here.

XOXO Alyssa