Drugstore Discovery: Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes

I love Revlon products, and they are hands down my favorite drugstore makeup brand because they offer so much in their range that are truly long lasting and have great pigmentation. I’ve had my eye on these babies for quite some time and had such a difficult time finding them. But lo and behold I went to an Ulta and found the last of each of the shades I wanted: Coral Reef and Flushed, they did have a natural shade but I felt like that wouldn’t show up well on my skin tone so I skipped that one.

From left to right: Flushed and Coral Reef

Flushed and Coral Reef

Here’s my take on cream blushes, they don’t usually work well on me. I’ve had my share of some from brands like MAC and NYX but they would slip and slide and wouldn’t last on me. But I heard some amazing reviews on this and decided to give them a try. And I am so happy I did!

Swatches of Flushed and Coral Reef with flash

Swatches of Flushed and Coral Reef in direct sunlight

One word: WOW! When I first swatched these I noticed right away that although it was a cream product it had a very satin finish which makes blending out the color really easy and allows layering the color to be flawless. These swatches are of course with nothing underneath it, and you can already tell how amazingly pigmented these are!

What is great about cream products is that they are versatile, as a makeup artist you have to think outside of the box especially when it comes to your kit and what products to throw in their on a job. Now I haven’t tried this but I can imagine it would work. Cream blushes would work well as a lip color, just as lip color would be a great alternative to cream blush. Now don’t call me crazy until you try it, but I can tell that if you just use a lip brush and layer this on your lips it’ll create a beautiful color.

These do blend out easily, which I adore, and set nicely. It would be nice to use under a powder blush or even on it’s own. I haven’t experienced any slipping or sliding with these products with or without a powder blush on top which makes me extremely pleased!

I would definitely give these a go if you haven’t tried these yet. They are perfect for makeup beginners or pros because of the ability to layer to the desired color intensity you would like.

Let me know if you have tried these or wish to, or even what look you’d use with these babies. I’m not sure about the availability of these, whether or not they are limited edition, but I did recently find them at an Ulta and even saw them at a CVS near by.

XOXO Alyssa


Rock The Lips!

Ladies, do you know what today is? It’s International Women’s Day!

So that means us women need to come together to support one another and recognize what today is all about. Now, let’s not just celebrate our femininity but recognize and address the concerns of women everywhere. Although this is one day founded in 1910 to celebrate who we are, we must not forget who we are the rest of the year as well.

(via Rock The Lips)

Rock The Lips is a wonderful social media campaign that brings all women together in a creative way–by rocking red lips! Now I love a red lip any day, but just another excuse to wear it and for a great cause? How could I not?! It’s pretty easy, and not to mention fun! To show your support, rock a red lip–Now, snap a picture of you and your “power pout” and share it with the world! If any of you are Instagram users, tag your photo with #RockTheLips, and you can see all the beautiful women sharing the empowering message of International Women’s Day.

Now, anyone else excited to rock the red lip with me? Share your thoughts or what shade of red you wore. Have a good day!

XO Alyssa