Shoe Indulgence: Shoemint Molly

Have you guys heard of Shoemint yet? From the umbrella company Beachmint, Shoemint is shoes from the collaboration of Rachel Bilson and Nichole Chavez! Now I’ve been stalking their site since they released, but I finally took the plunge and purchased a pair! I was lusting of Edith, but unfortunately missed out on that pair. So I saw the Molly and knew I could not hesitate again! I received the shoes a few days after ordering. Wait I forgot to mention one of the best parts! I used a promo code so it was discounted by 20%! It literally made the fight about ordering it way easier! I made a little collage for you guys. I did not notice till now that the bottom right is a bit blurry (sorry folks)! So far I have not gotten to wear them out, just putting them on in my room for now. But do as the website says and order half a size up! It does run a half size small so I am glad I listen to directions well. I can tell you I saw some construction errors, it shows the glue on the heel. Which is no biggie cause other than looking for it, you can not see them. They seemed very comfy as well! Which is great because it has a 5 1/4 heel! I am sure they are they highest heels I own. Besides being in love with the style and color, I even adored the cute black box they came in. So far Shoemint has a B+ in my book! I will let you guys know how the overall wear goes with the shoe later on. How do you guys feel about the Shoemint brand?

XOXO Karla


Swatches | Sugarpill Heart Breaker and Burning Heart Palettes

At IMATS, I picked up two palettes that have been on my “Must get from Sugarpill” list for a while. I got the long coveted Burning Heart palette and the recently released Heart Breaker palette which I was so ecstatic about because when I went to IMATS last year, the Burning Heart palette was sold out and I wasn’t able to get it. So it has been my mission to get my hands on it, and even online it was impossible to get because it was sold out! So phew! I can finally cross these two off my list and move on to the other items on that list.

Heart Breaker palette and the Burning Heart palette

Just look at these amazing colors. Cute right? Not only that, check out the die-cut mirror *_* swooning over the packaging and how huge these eyeshadows are. I highly doubt I’ll even hit pan on these badboys in my lifetime. But nonetheless, I can’t stop staring.

On the left we have the Heart Breaker palette which consists of four gorgeous colors that remind me of mermaids and the ocean, the reason? No clue. On the right we have the Burning Heart palette that has four amazing warm toned colors that remind me of a sunset, too pretty!

Clockwise starting from the left we have: Acidberry, Velocity, 2AM, and Mochi

L to R: Acidberry, Velocity, 2AM, and Mochi (on top of UDPP Eden)

Acidberry is a lime green color that is very vibrant and “POW!” in your face. A shade comparison I have for this is MAC’s Bitter which is a light yellow green with poor pigmention–so Acidberry takes the cake!

Velocity is a matte royal blue. This is what I wanted MAC’s Atlantic Blue to be, but failed to miserably–so again, Velocity wins that round!

2AM is a matte pinky purple, very warm based with a slight sheen. I love this! Probably my favorite out of the bunch. I don’t have any shades similar so this one is a star shining on it’s own.

Mochi is a seafoam blue color with a slight sheen. I knew I had shades similar, but this one is just so pretty! Compared to MAC’s Aquadisiac, Mochi is a touch lighter and more matte in texture. MAC’s Haunting is almost a dead on dupe except Haunting is a bit lighter.

Clockwise starting from the left we have: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, and Poison Plum

L to R: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum (on top of UDPP Eden)

Flamepoint is a vibrant matte orange.

Buttercupcake is a vibrant matte yellow.

Love+ a bright true primary red.

Poison Plum is a deep matte purple with a slight pearly sheen. This is just too pretty, you can’t tell from the swatch the sheen it gives off but it’s very beautiful and transfers really well when applied and blended with other shadows.

I don’t have any similar shades from the Burning Heart palette which was one of the reasons why I wanted to get my hands on it as my first shades of red, orange, and yellow.

As you can see, these colors are very vibrant and super pigmented. These colors are just with one swipe of the finger on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. I absolutely love it!

Overall, I enjoy these palettes a lot. As of late, on their website they are currently sold out of all of their palettes which retail for $34 a piece. But you can purchase the shades individually for $12. Personally I think it’s a deal when you purchase the palette because for four eyeshadows you save $14–you basically buy 3 eyeshadows and get 1 for free. Pretty awesome! AND if you go during IMATS, it’s even cheaper. The pigmentation and the quality of these babies are way beyond my expectations. I plan on purchasing more palettes that they are coming out with soon because let’s be real they are just too good!

Hope this helped you guys out in a way. Let me know if you’ve at all tried any Sugarpill products or plan to!

XOXO Alyssa

Sweet Indulgence: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Alright so rumor has it that Nothing Bundt Cakes is taking the world by storm and taking down cupcake places as they go. Agree? Here’s my take on it.

I’ve always been a fan of cake, especially cupcakes because of the ease to eat it and the varying options to eat multiple flavors versus getting a whole cake. So what’s the hype with Bundt cakes?

So what the heck is a bundt cake!? A bundt is the shape of the cake when it is made, which is a ridged ring shaped mold that you place your cake in and bake it like that. When I think of Bundt cakes I think of the cake my mom makes for holidays–either a fruit type cake or some sort of chocolate cake. I never was a fan of these type of cakes mostly because there wasn’t any added frosting or icing on top, just a plain cake. But if you walk into the store it’s far from what I described it’s a fun vibrant colored bakery with plenty of Bundt cakes on display with decorative ideas and even samples to try. They had various sizes they offered all in the shape of a Bundt! How cute was that? From really mini ones to larger ones enough to fit a family or two.

It was our first time there and it was so overwhelming with the choices there. Being the red velvet lover that I am I just had to try theirs for myself because I’m always on the hunt for the best red velvet out there–not to mention the cashier who helped us said red velvet was her fave! The others we picked up were marble, white white chocolate, and pecan praline. And luckily we caught a deal where it was buy 3 get 1 free at $4.50 a piece which is a tad pricey but they are bigger than a normal cupcake. The verdict?

Pretty darn good. The cake was moist and inside the red velvet were chocolate chips which was nice and different from normal red velvet offerings. I really enjoyed mine especially the cream cheese frosting to compliment it. The marble was okay it didn’t have a lot of taste for me, the white chocolate was a white cake with white chocolate chips but they were melted in the cake and was really sweet for my liking (and normally I love anything white chocolate), and the pecan praline was really yummy it had cinnamon throughout and was very moist and the candied pecans/pralines were an added crunch. So overall my favorites were red velvet and the pecan praline. Would I go again? Maybe. As much as I liked it, there are other red velvet cakes I like better and much cheaper if I were to just get it on my own. Worth the hype? Not really–just another cake place to me, but definitely worth trying!

XOXO Alyssa

Sweet Indulgence: Extraordinary Dulce De Leche

Nothing pulls at my heart strings more than desserts, and as an avid fiend for anything sweet, I chose to indulge in something naughty today. Not quite what you may think, but just imagine the perfect slice of layered chocolate cake, with a hidden crunch and creamy delicacies. This isn’t your average chocolate cake, let me tell you that. Oh no, this is extraordinary!


Now, I do apologize for the poor camera quality as I did use my iPhone for this, but nonetheless I feel like I captured most of what I could of this impeccable dessert.

Long story short: I decided to give sweets, including ice cream, candies, and desserts of all sorts “up” for lent. And as gimicky as it may sound, it’s a big challenge for me because I suffer from a huge sweet tooth! So as a last “hurrah” I decided this would be the way to start my fast–a dessert I will never forget, and it is/was “Fat Tuesday” after all.

If any of you are from or near the San Diego (CA) area, you must have at least heard of this place called Extraordinary Desserts. There are two locations, both of which serve the same desserts, coffees, teas, chocolates, etc. They offer the most delectable indulgences you could feast your eyes on!

I’ve been here numerous times and I’ve never been dissapointed in the selection they offer. This is one of my all-time favorite desserts, the Dulce De Leche cake. Extraordinary describes this as “A crunchy milk chocolate confection is hidden between layers of chocolate cake and creamy chocolate mousse. Homemade dulce de leche finishes this over the top chocolate torte.”


This is the most “raved” about dessert, this baby even made it’s debut on TV! I believe on the food network, that’s how great this is. I honestly cannot put it into words how amazing this dessert is. It definitely is an indulgence–it’s perfect. Not too sweet, not too chocolately, and it goes great paired with one of their signature coffees or teas!

Also, there is a great “happy hour” deal for those going to the Balboa area location:
From 3-7PM, you can get a slice of cake and a coffee or tea for $10. And for $2 more you can get one of their specialty coffee drinks instead. This is a great deal! Luckily, we were 5 minutes away from when happy hour ended, so it’s like getting the tea for free (the slice of cake was $9.95).

This place isn’t cheap, but it isn’t too expensive either. It really is a place to indulge in, and I’m glad that I did because this will satisfy my sweet tooth for the next 40 days (at the very least)! I’m already looking forward to Easter time when I can go back for more.

If you guys have heard of this place, tried it out, or are planning a visit, please let me know–I’d love to hear your feedback and experience!

XO Alyssa