Current Indulgence: Glint & Gleam

I am obsessed. I have been stalking this website for quite some time and finally took the plunge and made a few purchases! Through the Shop Lately website, they have certain boutiques that cater to different tastes and types of accessories you’re interested in. The one I found that I am completely head over heels for is Glint & Gleam, an affordable very trendy boutique that has tons of styles of jewelry that cater to many likings.

I was first intrigued by their pieces from seeing people like Amy from Vagabond Youth and Sarah from Sarah Hawkinson show their pick ups from the site as well as different stylings with them.

I placed two orders on separate occassions and got them two days after I placed the order–which is amazing! Don’t you just love when your packages ship quickly?

Anyhow, here is a video of the things I picked up:

And here are some detailed shots of the pieces as well:

I am such a sucker for cute packaging as well as good quality and Glint & Gleam does just that: delivers great quality items in cute packaging–AND did I mention they’re affordable?! Two thumbs up!

What do you guys think? Is this something you guys are interested in? Did you see anything you liked from my haul or their site? Please share!

XOXO Alyssa


Current Indulgence: The Hunger Games

It is safe to say that I am officially obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. I thought nothing of it when I first heard of the book series or movie. Then I kept hearing rave reviews about how great this trilogy was, and how different it was to the au contrare popular Harry Potter or Twilight series.

I was browsing around in Target, parusing through the different aisles getting distracted from what I initially went in there for, and stopped by the aisle with the various book selection. I was intrigued by the rave reviews I’ve been hearing and the film release about to come up next month, so I picked up the paperback copy of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Once I picked it up, I never put it down. In total time, I finished the book in two days in between doing homework and actual work work. I disappeared into this world of Panem and I was indulging in this crazy story. Definitely a page turner for me.

I just recently picked up the second book, Catching Fire, which I can’t quite grasp the excitement I have for it. It’s been a while since I’ve found myself reaching for a good book. I’m definitely looking forward to the film releasing within the next month, and how much craze is going along with it. I was never a “Twi-hard” or a huge fan of a book series, so I’m not really sure how you would compare my excitement for everything Hunger Games related.

With the new movie about to release and the ever-so-popular China Glaze releasing a “Capitol Colours” collection, I couldn’t be more ecstatic! For one, I’m a big movie goer, and secondly, I love nail polish! So the “hype” around this movie is right up my alley being I’m definitely a contributor to it.

Have you guys read the book series? Picked up any colors from the CG collection? Took a peak at the movie trailer? What are your thoughts? I’d definitely love to hear!

“What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?” — China Glaze Tagline for Capitol Colours

XO Alyssa