Minty Lilac Gradient Nails

As you know, we are quite obsessed with the ombre/gradient trend. As much as I myself would love to ombre my hair, I can’t make the commitment! So the best way to rock the trend (for me anyway) is to do it on my nails.

Nail designs can last you up to a week, which is what I adore about nail art–you can switch it up to your liking as much as you’d like which makes the possibilities endless!

I recently had to cut and file down my nails because I was trying to open a cabinet at work–fail! Anyway, this mani was the first thing on my mind to do as soon as I got home and I’m in love! Especially with the color combination 🙂

To add a little pizzazz I used another Brummingbird creation called “Sweet” which is a flakie duochrome of blue, green, and purple mini flecks! Here are a few detail shots that decently capture the amazingness this baby beholds…

The flakie is subtle, but that’s what I love about it–it adds dimension and shines beautifully in the sunlight!

Here is a shot of the nail polishes I used to create this look:

From left to right: Brummingbird Sweet, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat

How are you guys rocking the ombre/gradient trend?

XOXO Alyssa





Instant Nail Art?

I’m a nail polish fiend, and I love nail art just as much. Sometimes I just get so lazy to get myself to do any sometimes. So my go-to lately has been this indie nail polish called “I’m an Artist” made by Laura aka “Brummingbird” on Instagram. It’s a black and white glitter in a clear base similar to Lynderella’s “Connect the Dots” but with smaller hex glitters and various square mini hex shapes as well as line glitters. I love how this adds an instant pop on any nail color and makes it seem like you put more effort into your manicure when really you just swiped on a couple of coats of this badboy and done!

I nicked the edge of my pointer finger, so ignore that haha. But this is so lovely, it’s really cool and unique–it reminds me of splatter paint.

Here I paired it with Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac.”

How would you guys wear this top coat? It’s so wonderful I can’t get over it.

XOXO Alyssa

DIY: Nailpolish Holder!

If you love nail polish as much as we do, I think we all encounter the issue of where we store these bad boys right? Well, we’ve got an affordable and easy to make solution for you guys (which isn’t new, we know, but it’s a lot of fun to make and put to use!).

Take a look at our recent video:

Materials Needed:
3 foam boards
Exacto knife
Ruler or Measuring tape
Glue gun & glue sticks
Duct tape (optional)

Take the 1st foam board (backboard): Draw a horizontal line every 5 inches
On the 2nd foam board: Cut 7 TWO inch strips horizontal *used as shelves* & then cut 7 ONE inch strips horizontal *used as shelve stoppers*
On the 3rd foam board: Cut 2 TWO 1/2 inch strips *the side of your rack*

-Take the 2 inch strips and glue them to the lines we drew on the first foam board. And glue them to the top and bottom of the foam board to make the shelving complete.
-Take your 2 1/2 inch strips and glue them to the side of your rack.
-Take your 1 inch strips (decorated or not) and glue to your shelves to prevent your nailpolishes from slipping off.

And success, you are done! And ready to put your nail polishes on and organize as you wish.

Share with us if you’ve done this before or share with us how you store your nail polishes, we’d love to see!

XOXO Karla and Alyssa

Drugstore Discovery: New Wet N Wild Megalast Nailpolishes

While browsing around the web, I noticed a lot of blogs posted about the new Wet N Wild products that have released within the past couple weeks. From new polishes, eyeshadows and lipsticks, they have expanded their range of color and product. I’ve always been a fan of Wet N Wild because of the affordable price tag plus the quality of their products. I haven’t been let down from the products I currently have, which I do happen to use on a day to day basis.

I headed to my nearest Walgreens (mostly because they have a bigger selection of Wet N Wild than the other drugstores around me), and went wild! I saw that not only was their nail polishes only $1.99, but it was buy 2 get 1 free! You can see why I was so ecstatic. I haven’t tried out any of the Wet N Wild nail polishes before, but from what I know they have reformulated the “megalast” line and have revamped the brush and packaging as well.


(From L to R: Wet Cement, Undercover, On a Trip, Through the Grapevine, Heatwave, I Need a Refresh-Mint)

The packaging is adorable, I love the way the bottle is shaped–it’s sleek, and different from the typical round bottle of nail polishes we often see. Since this line of WNW polishes are revamped, only a select are actual new shades. I honestly do not know for a fact which colors are “new” to the line being that they all have the “new” sticker on them–but they are new to me, so that’s all that matters! I picked out the colors I knew I did not have any similar in my collection. But like any nail polish fanatic, I did have to get the greige and mint color because those are my faves.

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