Retail Indulgence | Collective Summer Haul

We’ve been on quite the hiatus but we are back! And we have a bunch of videos lined up for you guys–expect some styling videos, trends, tutorials, and more!

First up is our recent haulage from our frequently visited stores like H&M, Forever 21, and our new favorite–Brandy Melville! We have so many goodies it’s so exciting!

XOXO Alyssa and Karla


Sweet Tooth for Sugarpill

Where do I start?! The title says it all. You all know I have a sweet tooth, but my love for makeup has just doubled because of these amazing eye candy goodies! Sugarpill, an infamous brand of cosmetics known for their vivid colors and impeccable pigmentation always takes my breath away (not to mention the money in my wallet–but who cares!?). Amy, aka Shrinkle, has definitely hit the ball out of the park with her products. She paid attention to detail so well with her loose eyeshadows, her  pressed eyeshadows, eyelashes, and not to mention the cute packaging. Three words to describe her products: TO DIE FOR. And if you haven’t tried any of her goodies yet, you are missing out!

Here is a sneak peak to the swatches I’ll have up for you guys in a bit. I’m sure you’ve all seen this in our IMATS haul, and if you haven’t yet, please take a look and see all the amazing things we got! I picked up two palettes, three pigments, and an eyeshadow. I didn’t want to start playing with these until I did swatches because everything was just so pretty in it’s packaging and in itself I didn’t want to “ruin” it’s pristine-ness just yet (if you know what I mean). Literally, they were just too cute and perfect I could just eat them!

I am seriously in love these babies and have been mixing and matching them with some other fun goodies I got from IMATS, it’s truly so amazing to have such inspiration and this feeling of loving makeup all over again because of the people I’ve met, seen, and just going to IMATS in general. Ahh so overwhelming and so much fun at the same time.

XOXO Alyssa

IMATS LA 2012 Haul

I hope you guys aren’t tired of hearing about IMATS! Because I know I’m not. I feel like since last week, I’ve been so inspired and just enamored by everyone’s beauty and passion for makeup, it has really sunk in that the makeup industry is somewhere I want to be a part of one day. It sounds so superficial to some people, but really, it’s about the confidence and the added spunk that these tools we use can add to us which can easily brighten up anyone’s day, including our own! From the funky, bright colors to the drama and darkness, the possibilities are endless! Not to mention the special effects. 

Anyway, moving on. Our long awaited haul! This was so exciting, we filmed it as soon as we got back to our hotel room because we wanted to play with our new goodies ^_^ Hope you all enjoy!

We got everything we wanted, plus more! 

If you went to IMATS and have some awesome goodies you’d like to share with us, or even would like to hear/see a review of the things we’ve gotten, please let us know! 

XOXO Alyssa

Update and another Haul!

We are now done with school and we are so excited for what we have planned for this blog! We have been so busy and MIA with class, studying, work, and our personal lives that we couldn’t even find the time to hang out with each other. But do not fret! We are back, and ready to take action!

We filmed this haul (Clothes and Jewelry!) maybe a couple of weeks ago, so I hope you enjoy! Let us know what you have gotten for Summer and the fashion trends you look forward to rocking!

XOXO Karla and Alyssa