Swatches | Sugarpill Limited Edition “@#$%!”

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m always impressed with Amy’s (aka Shrinkle) Sugarpill eyeshadows. For one the color range is amazing, and second the pigmentation is perfection.

If any of you went to IMATS LA this past June, you must have stood in the worth-the-wait line of the Sugarpill booth. I was so giddy, I nearly died of excitement nearing the booth because of how colorful and lively the girls were. One eyeshadow in particular caught my eye the most, it’s called “@#$%!” and how exactly you pronounce that, I have no clue! BUT, when I did ask for it, the salesladies just referred to it as the “limited edition” eyeshadow. And well, there ya go! It is LIMITED EDITION, which meant… yes, I had to get it for that reason. And another reason was because it was exclusive to IMATS only! How exciting is that? Yeah, pretty darn exciting.. I know. I didn’t even need to swatch it to know I wanted it.

@#$%! is a cool toned berry red with silver microglitters/shimmer that actually stay when swatched and applied/blended with a brush (WOW!). The texture is perfect, it’s not gritty as you’d imagine with the fine glitters and it feels like butter… so smooth.

As soon as I took this bad boy home, I noticed it looked familiar to another color I just picked up from Sugarpill, called Love+, the bright vibrant red available on its own or in the Burning Heart palette.

But long behold, no two eyeshadows are ever the same (unless you really have two of the same eyeshadows!).

Here is Love+

And here is @#$%!

As you can see, Love+ is a lovely primary red. It’s just RED. True to color, red. It’s matte with no shimmers and has a similar smooth texture when swatched and applied.

Here is Love+ on the left and @#$%! on the right.

Now, I love these colors! I’m not one to sport the red everyday on my eyes, but hey I like options. I do not own any other red eyeshadows so I cannot compare these to any brands or other products, but as far as these go, I really like them! Normally Sugarpill eyeshadows retail for $12 but at IMATS I got @#$%! for only $8.40 and Love+ was in a palette I got for $24! Such a steal!

I am not exactly sure about the availability of @#$%!, whether it is only an exclusive to the LA IMATS or if it will go to the others, or even if it will be released in the near future. But I really do enjoy the color. Did you miss out? Probably not, but I have yet to discover any comparisons if there are any.

XOXO Alyssa


Sweet Tooth for Sugarpill

Where do I start?! The title says it all. You all know I have a sweet tooth, but my love for makeup has just doubled because of these amazing eye candy goodies! Sugarpill, an infamous brand of cosmetics known for their vivid colors and impeccable pigmentation always takes my breath away (not to mention the money in my wallet–but who cares!?). Amy, aka Shrinkle, has definitely hit the ball out of the park with her products. She paid attention to detail so well with her loose eyeshadows, her  pressed eyeshadows, eyelashes, and not to mention the cute packaging. Three words to describe her products: TO DIE FOR. And if you haven’t tried any of her goodies yet, you are missing out!

Here is a sneak peak to the swatches I’ll have up for you guys in a bit. I’m sure you’ve all seen this in our IMATS haul, and if you haven’t yet, please take a look and see all the amazing things we got! I picked up two palettes, three pigments, and an eyeshadow. I didn’t want to start playing with these until I did swatches because everything was just so pretty in it’s packaging and in itself I didn’t want to “ruin” it’s pristine-ness just yet (if you know what I mean). Literally, they were just too cute and perfect I could just eat them!

I am seriously in love these babies and have been mixing and matching them with some other fun goodies I got from IMATS, it’s truly so amazing to have such inspiration and this feeling of loving makeup all over again because of the people I’ve met, seen, and just going to IMATS in general. Ahh so overwhelming and so much fun at the same time.

XOXO Alyssa