Minty Lilac Gradient Nails

As you know, we are quite obsessed with the ombre/gradient trend. As much as I myself would love to ombre my hair, I can’t make the commitment! So the best way to rock the trend (for me anyway) is to do it on my nails.

Nail designs can last you up to a week, which is what I adore about nail art–you can switch it up to your liking as much as you’d like which makes the possibilities endless!

I recently had to cut and file down my nails because I was trying to open a cabinet at work–fail! Anyway, this mani was the first thing on my mind to do as soon as I got home and I’m in love! Especially with the color combination ­čÖé

To add a little pizzazz I used another Brummingbird creation called “Sweet” which is a flakie duochrome of blue, green, and purple mini flecks! Here are a few detail shots that decently capture the amazingness this baby beholds…

The flakie is subtle, but that’s what I love about it–it adds dimension and shines beautifully in the sunlight!

Here is a shot of the nail polishes I used to create this look:

From left to right: Brummingbird Sweet, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat

How are you guys rocking the ombre/gradient trend?

XOXO Alyssa





Drugstore Indulgence: Sinful Colors “Green Ocean”

Does everybody have their St. Patty’s Day mani ready? If not, I have a solution for a quick, easy, and very affordable way to get it done! Now, I’m sure most of us are familiar with the new nail trend of “flakies” or flake glitters. These bad boys are iridescent oddly cut glitters that add kind of a stained glass and holographic or rather three-dimensional look to the nails without the mess. I just recently discovered this brand called Sinful Colors sold at Walgreens at $1.99 per bottle, and one day while┬áperusing┬áthe large selection of nail polishes, I stumbled upon this baby! Sinful Colors Green Ocean. Now, what a beaut!

Green Ocean is a green jelly based nail polish with round iridescent blue glitters and flakies that reflect a green and yellow tint.

I really wanted to capture it the best way possibly so you guys can see just how gorgeous this nail polish is. I nearly drooled while staring at this in person while in the store! You can see the shine of blue when the light hits it, it’s awesome!

Being this was the first time I tried anything from this brand, I was reluctant. Buy you know that saying: you’ll never know unless you try? I tried it! And better yet I caught it while it was on a deal when all sinful colors were only $.99! Woo!

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Current Indulgence: The Hunger Games

It is safe to say that I am officially obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. I thought nothing of it when I first heard of the book series or movie. Then I kept hearing rave reviews about how great this trilogy was, and how different it was to the au contrare popular Harry Potter or Twilight series.

I was browsing around in Target, parusing through the different aisles getting distracted from what I initially went in there for, and stopped by the aisle with the various book selection. I was intrigued by the rave reviews I’ve been hearing and the film release about to come up next month, so I picked up the paperback copy of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Once I picked it up, I never put it down. In total time, I finished the book in two days in between doing homework and actual work work. I disappeared into this world of Panem and I was indulging in this crazy story. Definitely a page turner for me.

I just recently picked up the second book, Catching Fire, which I can’t quite grasp the excitement I have for it. It’s been a while since I’ve found myself reaching for a good book. I’m definitely looking forward to the film releasing within the next month, and how much craze is going along with it. I was never a “Twi-hard” or a huge fan of a book series, so I’m not really sure how you would compare my excitement for everything Hunger Games related.

With the new movie about to release and the ever-so-popular China Glaze releasing a “Capitol Colours” collection, I couldn’t be more ecstatic! For one, I’m a big movie goer, and secondly, I love nail polish! So the “hype” around this movie is right up my alley being I’m definitely a┬ácontributor┬áto it.

Have you guys read the book series? Picked up any colors from the CG collection? Took a peak at the movie trailer? What are your thoughts? I’d definitely love to hear!

“What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?”┬á— China Glaze Tagline for Capitol Colours

XO Alyssa