Sweet Indulgence: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Alright so rumor has it that Nothing Bundt Cakes is taking the world by storm and taking down cupcake places as they go. Agree? Here’s my take on it.

I’ve always been a fan of cake, especially cupcakes because of the ease to eat it and the varying options to eat multiple flavors versus getting a whole cake. So what’s the hype with Bundt cakes?

So what the heck is a bundt cake!? A bundt is the shape of the cake when it is made, which is a ridged ring shaped mold that you place your cake in and bake it like that. When I think of Bundt cakes I think of the cake my mom makes for holidays–either a fruit type cake or some sort of chocolate cake. I never was a fan of these type of cakes mostly because there wasn’t any added frosting or icing on top, just a plain cake. But if you walk into the store it’s far from what I described it’s a fun vibrant colored bakery with plenty of Bundt cakes on display with decorative ideas and even samples to try. They had various sizes they offered all in the shape of a Bundt! How cute was that? From really mini ones to larger ones enough to fit a family or two.

It was our first time there and it was so overwhelming with the choices there. Being the red velvet lover that I am I just had to try theirs for myself because I’m always on the hunt for the best red velvet out there–not to mention the cashier who helped us said red velvet was her fave! The others we picked up were marble, white white chocolate, and pecan praline. And luckily we caught a deal where it was buy 3 get 1 free at $4.50 a piece which is a tad pricey but they are bigger than a normal cupcake. The verdict?

Pretty darn good. The cake was moist and inside the red velvet were chocolate chips which was nice and different from normal red velvet offerings. I really enjoyed mine especially the cream cheese frosting to compliment it. The marble was okay it didn’t have a lot of taste for me, the white chocolate was a white cake with white chocolate chips but they were melted in the cake and was really sweet for my liking (and normally I love anything white chocolate), and the pecan praline was really yummy it had cinnamon throughout and was very moist and the candied pecans/pralines were an added crunch. So overall my favorites were red velvet and the pecan praline. Would I go again? Maybe. As much as I liked it, there are other red velvet cakes I like better and much cheaper if I were to just get it on my own. Worth the hype? Not really–just another cake place to me, but definitely worth trying!

XOXO Alyssa


Sweet Indulgence: Sprinkles and Macarons

You know you have a sweet tooth when other people know you well enough to give you sweets as souvenirs! Yup, so forget the shot glasses or keychains, the way to my heart is through sweet treats ❤

My boyfriend surprised me with a Sprinkles cupcake which was a chocolate cake with coconut flakes on top of a creamy frosting. And my bestfriend and counterpart of LeChicIndulgence, Karla, surprised me with these AMAZING macarons from a place called Cocola in San Francisco when she went to visit over the weekend.

It was the first time I’ve tried either one, so I was extremely excited! I’ve been wanting to try Sprinkles for a while, but the nearest place is about 40 minutes away from where I live. And I’ve been meaning to fulfill my macaron craving, but none of the locations in San Diego I feel are not good enough.

I’m seriously savoring each one of these bad boys. I indulged in the cupcake first because it was just too good looking not to eat, and I loved it! I really enjoy the rich moist flavor of the chocolate cake and the amazing frosting that complimented it, and to add–I’m a lover of anything coconut flavored so of course that just added more like points to it. I definitely would love to try their other flavors one day.

The best part: MACARONS! Oh my goodness. These macarons are the size of the palm of my hand, which is so awesome! I’ve never heard of Cocola before, but boy if I ever make a trip to San Francisco, I already know where I’ll stop first. These macarons are delicious. Karla got me four flavors: Coffee, Pistachio, Chocolate, and Raspberry. I’ve tried all but the Coffee because I want to save it for last. But each one I tried were just perfection. Pistachio didn’t have an overpowering flavor which I like and the cream between the crunchy, yet soft cookie was perfect. Raspberry wasn’t too sour and sweet, it was the perfect mix and made me crave for more. The chocolate one was just to die for–chocolate ganache and the chocolate cookie was just amazing all together! I can’t say enough about these except for thank you Karla, I love them so much!

XO Alyssa

Outfit Indulgence: (OOTD) Double the Trouble

Today we didn’t do much but we finally got a chance to hang out with each other! Good company is always better than nothing. We filmed a haul that will be up shortly with some awesome finds from Forever 21, H&M, and even drugstore things we think are pretty great!

It was a bit chilly today, and lately the weather’s been kind of wonky when one day it’s hot and the next day it’s freezing! Today was more on the cold side for us. So here are our OOTDs!

Top: Asymmetrical hemmed sheer blouse-H&M
Bottom: Black denim
Boots: Black boots
Accessories: MK Silver Watch; Pink side satchel
Lips: MAC Watch Me Simmer

Top: Striped tank-H&M; Denim top-Forever 21
Bottom: Faux leather shorts-Forever 21; Tights-H&M
Boots: Steve Madden Troopa
Accessories: HRH Collection Ombre bracelet; MK rose gold watch; leather bracelet

We also got some awesome food from the food trucks that make their weekly round up around where we live and we got some of our favorites!

If you guys have ever heard of Super Q, they have the most amazing brisket melts with grilled onions, mac and cheese, and cheese all wedged together in an amazing sandwich. And their sweet potato fries? Just as amazing! We are fans. And we also love how there are a variety of trucks so we also got KBBQ tacos from Tabe and complimentary fries and soup. We are never disappointed in the food, and better yet, the service! We try and make it out as a food indulgence whenever we can.

XOXO Karla and Alyssa

Sweet Indulgence: Extraordinary Dulce De Leche

Nothing pulls at my heart strings more than desserts, and as an avid fiend for anything sweet, I chose to indulge in something naughty today. Not quite what you may think, but just imagine the perfect slice of layered chocolate cake, with a hidden crunch and creamy delicacies. This isn’t your average chocolate cake, let me tell you that. Oh no, this is extraordinary!


Now, I do apologize for the poor camera quality as I did use my iPhone for this, but nonetheless I feel like I captured most of what I could of this impeccable dessert.

Long story short: I decided to give sweets, including ice cream, candies, and desserts of all sorts “up” for lent. And as gimicky as it may sound, it’s a big challenge for me because I suffer from a huge sweet tooth! So as a last “hurrah” I decided this would be the way to start my fast–a dessert I will never forget, and it is/was “Fat Tuesday” after all.

If any of you are from or near the San Diego (CA) area, you must have at least heard of this place called Extraordinary Desserts. There are two locations, both of which serve the same desserts, coffees, teas, chocolates, etc. They offer the most delectable indulgences you could feast your eyes on!

I’ve been here numerous times and I’ve never been dissapointed in the selection they offer. This is one of my all-time favorite desserts, the Dulce De Leche cake. Extraordinary describes this as “A crunchy milk chocolate confection is hidden between layers of chocolate cake and creamy chocolate mousse. Homemade dulce de leche finishes this over the top chocolate torte.”


This is the most “raved” about dessert, this baby even made it’s debut on TV! I believe on the food network, that’s how great this is. I honestly cannot put it into words how amazing this dessert is. It definitely is an indulgence–it’s perfect. Not too sweet, not too chocolately, and it goes great paired with one of their signature coffees or teas!

Also, there is a great “happy hour” deal for those going to the Balboa area location:
From 3-7PM, you can get a slice of cake and a coffee or tea for $10. And for $2 more you can get one of their specialty coffee drinks instead. This is a great deal! Luckily, we were 5 minutes away from when happy hour ended, so it’s like getting the tea for free (the slice of cake was $9.95).

This place isn’t cheap, but it isn’t too expensive either. It really is a place to indulge in, and I’m glad that I did because this will satisfy my sweet tooth for the next 40 days (at the very least)! I’m already looking forward to Easter time when I can go back for more.

If you guys have heard of this place, tried it out, or are planning a visit, please let me know–I’d love to hear your feedback and experience!

XO Alyssa