Indulging in My Birthday :)

Hey guys, I know we have been absent these past few months, this semester has really taken our time! But no fear it is over in a few weeks. But right here at the end of it is my Birthday!!! Strange to think I will be turning 23. I received a present from my mom already and I am in love with it! She bought me a new Michael Kors watch!! I am excited to see what everyone else has up their sleeve this week and know that just being around great friends is enough :). I edited the picture of the watch so the hearts aren’t included guys. But it is the Michael Kors Lexington watch and I could not be happier. watch2

Isn’t it lovely?! You guys have a good week cause I know I am!



Shoe Indulgence: Shoemint Molly

Have you guys heard of Shoemint yet? From the umbrella company Beachmint, Shoemint is shoes from the collaboration of Rachel Bilson and Nichole Chavez! Now I’ve been stalking their site since they released, but I finally took the plunge and purchased a pair! I was lusting of Edith, but unfortunately missed out on that pair. So I saw the Molly and knew I could not hesitate again! I received the shoes a few days after ordering. Wait I forgot to mention one of the best parts! I used a promo code so it was discounted by 20%! It literally made the fight about ordering it way easier! I made a little collage for you guys. I did not notice till now that the bottom right is a bit blurry (sorry folks)! So far I have not gotten to wear them out, just putting them on in my room for now. But do as the website says and order half a size up! It does run a half size small so I am glad I listen to directions well. I can tell you I saw some construction errors, it shows the glue on the heel. Which is no biggie cause other than looking for it, you can not see them. They seemed very comfy as well! Which is great because it has a 5 1/4 heel! I am sure they are they highest heels I own. Besides being in love with the style and color, I even adored the cute black box they came in. So far Shoemint has a B+ in my book! I will let you guys know how the overall wear goes with the shoe later on. How do you guys feel about the Shoemint brand?

XOXO Karla

Lovable Locks: Ombre Hair

Hey everyone!! Okay I know the Ombre trend is a big thing right now. It’s also a trend I am in love with. I really haven’t been too thrilled by my hair since March. So I have been dying to Ombre my hair since then. As a result eventually I took the leap maybe a month ago with a stylist I found on Instagram. Just goes to show you how useful social media sites are!! Anyways I have taken some pictures to share with you guys, which I don’t think do it any justice, for the life of me I could not get the lighting right. I have a picture of my hair before the appointment then with the actual Ombre it was a few weeks after. There is a straightened Ombre then a curly Ombre picture.

I am so happy with the results! As I said before, the pictures are nothing to how it looks like in person! Any whoo, are you guys currently into the Ombre trend or would you leave it?

XOXO Karla

Reflection of One’s Self

Hello there! Hope everyone’s summer is starting great! I know mine is. Let me just say that I truly believe that who you surround yourself with is a reflection upon yourself! (I am certain my dad told me that). So I am so glad to have Alyssa as a best friend. No matter what when I am with this girl it is not only a fun time, but it is always a memory I will not forget. So as new annual pass holders at Disneyland, we have been spending our time there. So I thought I would share one of our silly moments. I am so excited for more fun this summer because after this last semester we deserve it!

XOXO Karla

Wanderlust Wednesday: Bike ride!

One of our Wanderlust Wednesday videos making an appearance! Better late then never, isn’t that what they say?! Here we are just enjoying the day! As you should know from other wanderlust videos of our, just exploring places right here in our city…or nearby! This video is less style and more take a ride and enjoy our scenery! Naturally finding a pizza place was just part of our enjoyment! We ate heavily with a bbq chicken calzone that was amazing and we enjoyed some garlic knots too! Where do you guys enjoy spending the day? Enjoy the video!

Here are a few pictures to compliment our video!

XOXO Alyssa and Karla