Lovable Locks: Ombre Hair

Hey everyone!! Okay I know the Ombre trend is a big thing right now. It’s also a trend I am in love with. I really haven’t been too thrilled by my hair since March. So I have been dying to Ombre my hair since then. As a result eventually I took the leap maybe a month ago with a stylist I found on Instagram. Just goes to show you how useful social media sites are!! Anyways I have taken some pictures to share with you guys, which I don’t think do it any justice, for the life of me I could not get the lighting right. I have a picture of my hair before the appointment then with the actual Ombre it was a few weeks after. There is a straightened Ombre then a curly Ombre picture.

I am so happy with the results! As I said before, the pictures are nothing to how it looks like in person! Any whoo, are you guys currently into the Ombre trend or would you leave it?

XOXO Karla

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