Late Night = Too Early Mornings

I find myself a night owl of sorts. Here I am browsing the inter-webs for everything I don’t need and I have to be at work in less than 8 hours. It’s a curse, I tell you! The cupcake and the coffee I had earlier definitely do not help, so I’m conjuring up some blog posts and possible videos to do with Karla. I’m not even tired, but I know I will be come the time I wake up.


Late night ramblings *sigh* Anyone else up/awake this late/early? 0_0

XOXO Alyssa

One thought on “Late Night = Too Early Mornings

  1. Luckily or not, I don’t work yet. It’s summer vacation and I’m going to sleep at insane hours. I never have regular bedtimes. I went to sleep this morning at 6:00am and woke up half and hour ago. :O

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