Sweet Indulgence: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Alright so rumor has it that Nothing Bundt Cakes is taking the world by storm and taking down cupcake places as they go. Agree? Here’s my take on it.

I’ve always been a fan of cake, especially cupcakes because of the ease to eat it and the varying options to eat multiple flavors versus getting a whole cake. So what’s the hype with Bundt cakes?

So what the heck is a bundt cake!? A bundt is the shape of the cake when it is made, which is a ridged ring shaped mold that you place your cake in and bake it like that. When I think of Bundt cakes I think of the cake my mom makes for holidays–either a fruit type cake or some sort of chocolate cake. I never was a fan of these type of cakes mostly because there wasn’t any added frosting or icing on top, just a plain cake. But if you walk into the store it’s far from what I described it’s a fun vibrant colored bakery with plenty of Bundt cakes on display with decorative ideas and even samples to try. They had various sizes they offered all in the shape of a Bundt! How cute was that? From really mini ones to larger ones enough to fit a family or two.

It was our first time there and it was so overwhelming with the choices there. Being the red velvet lover that I am I just had to try theirs for myself because I’m always on the hunt for the best red velvet out there–not to mention the cashier who helped us said red velvet was her fave! The others we picked up were marble, white white chocolate, and pecan praline. And luckily we caught a deal where it was buy 3 get 1 free at $4.50 a piece which is a tad pricey but they are bigger than a normal cupcake. The verdict?

Pretty darn good. The cake was moist and inside the red velvet were chocolate chips which was nice and different from normal red velvet offerings. I really enjoyed mine especially the cream cheese frosting to compliment it. The marble was okay it didn’t have a lot of taste for me, the white chocolate was a white cake with white chocolate chips but they were melted in the cake and was really sweet for my liking (and normally I love anything white chocolate), and the pecan praline was really yummy it had cinnamon throughout and was very moist and the candied pecans/pralines were an added crunch. So overall my favorites were red velvet and the pecan praline. Would I go again? Maybe. As much as I liked it, there are other red velvet cakes I like better and much cheaper if I were to just get it on my own. Worth the hype? Not really–just another cake place to me, but definitely worth trying!

XOXO Alyssa

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