Sweet Indulgence: Sprinkles and Macarons

You know you have a sweet tooth when other people know you well enough to give you sweets as souvenirs! Yup, so forget the shot glasses or keychains, the way to my heart is through sweet treats ❤

My boyfriend surprised me with a Sprinkles cupcake which was a chocolate cake with coconut flakes on top of a creamy frosting. And my bestfriend and counterpart of LeChicIndulgence, Karla, surprised me with these AMAZING macarons from a place called Cocola in San Francisco when she went to visit over the weekend.

It was the first time I’ve tried either one, so I was extremely excited! I’ve been wanting to try Sprinkles for a while, but the nearest place is about 40 minutes away from where I live. And I’ve been meaning to fulfill my macaron craving, but none of the locations in San Diego I feel are not good enough.

I’m seriously savoring each one of these bad boys. I indulged in the cupcake first because it was just too good looking not to eat, and I loved it! I really enjoy the rich moist flavor of the chocolate cake and the amazing frosting that complimented it, and to add–I’m a lover of anything coconut flavored so of course that just added more like points to it. I definitely would love to try their other flavors one day.

The best part: MACARONS! Oh my goodness. These macarons are the size of the palm of my hand, which is so awesome! I’ve never heard of Cocola before, but boy if I ever make a trip to San Francisco, I already know where I’ll stop first. These macarons are delicious. Karla got me four flavors: Coffee, Pistachio, Chocolate, and Raspberry. I’ve tried all but the Coffee because I want to save it for last. But each one I tried were just perfection. Pistachio didn’t have an overpowering flavor which I like and the cream between the crunchy, yet soft cookie was perfect. Raspberry wasn’t too sour and sweet, it was the perfect mix and made me crave for more. The chocolate one was just to die for–chocolate ganache and the chocolate cookie was just amazing all together! I can’t say enough about these except for thank you Karla, I love them so much!

XO Alyssa

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