Drugstore Indulgence: Sinful Colors “Green Ocean”

Does everybody have their St. Patty’s Day mani ready? If not, I have a solution for a quick, easy, and very affordable way to get it done! Now, I’m sure most of us are familiar with the new nail trend of “flakies” or flake glitters. These bad boys are iridescent oddly cut glitters that add kind of a stained glass and holographic or rather three-dimensional look to the nails without the mess. I just recently discovered this brand called Sinful Colors sold at Walgreens at $1.99 per bottle, and one day while perusing the large selection of nail polishes, I stumbled upon this baby! Sinful Colors Green Ocean. Now, what a beaut!

Green Ocean is a green jelly based nail polish with round iridescent blue glitters and flakies that reflect a green and yellow tint.

I really wanted to capture it the best way possibly so you guys can see just how gorgeous this nail polish is. I nearly drooled while staring at this in person while in the store! You can see the shine of blue when the light hits it, it’s awesome!

Being this was the first time I tried anything from this brand, I was reluctant. Buy you know that saying: you’ll never know unless you try? I tried it! And better yet I caught it while it was on a deal when all sinful colors were only $.99! Woo!

I decided to show you the best way I can to depict just how these flakies work and adjust depending to what color you layer it with. I went with one bare nail, one nail with black nail polish (Sinful Colors Black on Black), one nail with white nail polish (China Glaze White on White), and one nail with green nail polish (China Glaze Four Leaf Clover). As you can see they all differ depending on the shade you put under which I think makes this nail polish even more versatile.

Green Ocean with flash:
You can see the black brings out more of the iridescent glitter whereas it looks just like a glitter topcoat otherwise.

Green Ocean with natural lighting

Overall I really enjoy this nail polish, only thought that bothers me is that without a top coat, the flakes stick out and feel kind of gritty as if it wasn’t dried to the jelly base, but that’s nothing that a top coat can fix of course!

How I wore it: I used the Black on Black polish and layered Green Ocean on top! I think this way, it gives you more of the three-dimensional feel because it shines blue when the light shines on it and the green flakes give a really awesome effect!

XO Alyssa


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