Rock The Lips!

Ladies, do you know what today is? It’s International Women’s Day!

So that means us women need to come together to support one another and recognize what today is all about. Now, let’s not just celebrate our femininity but recognize and address the concerns of women everywhere. Although this is one day founded in 1910 to celebrate who we are, we must not forget who we are the rest of the year as well.

(via Rock The Lips)

Rock The Lips is a wonderful social media campaign that brings all women together in a creative way–by rocking red lips! Now I love a red lip any day, but just another excuse to wear it and for a great cause? How could I not?! It’s pretty easy, and not to mention fun! To show your support, rock a red lip–Now, snap a picture of you and your “power pout” and share it with the world! If any of you are Instagram users, tag your photo with #RockTheLips, and you can see all the beautiful women sharing the empowering message of International Women’s Day.

Now, anyone else excited to rock the red lip with me? Share your thoughts or what shade of red you wore. Have a good day!

XO Alyssa

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