Drugstore Discovery: [More] Wet N Wild Megalast Nailpolishes!

I just did a recent purchase at Walgreens thinking I could catch the buy 2 get 1 free deal, but apparently I was too late! Boo. But it’s okay because for $1.99 a bottle, I couldn’t complain! I was really happy with the colors I bought not too long ago, that you have maybe seen in my previous post. So after quite a long day of midterms and never-ending classes, I knew I wanted to treat myself to some new goodies. No harm in that, right?

So I got these four bad boys! There are 16 colors total, and because I have six already, I knew I should just get colors that stood out to me the most, so here you go for your viewing pleasure!

(From L to R: Club Havana, Haze of Love, Tropicalia, Bite the Bullet)

These colors are gorgeous, and I absolutely cannot get enough of these! I have a load of untried nail polishes, but these–I put on my “priority” nail polish list to try next. It’s an obsession, quite frankly.

Club Havana is the most perfect orange. I don’t own any orange nail polishes, they are more on the peach side, and mostly because orange nail polishes that I have tried do not look good on my nails. This is a great pumpkin orange color that I feel will compliment any skin tone, and it’s not too bright or not too dull.

Haze of Love is a beautiful red wine color with what seems like a hue of berry as well. I really love this color mostly because I don’t have anything like it. Sadly, it was streaky when applied so it required about 3 coats for me.

Tropicalia is a beautiful hot coral yellow based pink color and it was actually difficult to capture on camera because of how bright and vibrant it is. This to me would be the perfect summer shade, you really cannot go wrong. It’s a lot brighter in person and it’s a must have in my book.

Bite the Bullet (what a cool name!) is a mauvey grayish purple. It’s a really versatile shade as far as seasons go because it falls in a neutral category that you really can’t go wrong with it. This one was my favorite out of the bunch–flawless application and great color payoff.

These beauties are amazing, I really hope you all get a chance to get your hands on it because for 1.99, they’re a steal! Definitely check out your drugstores if you haven’t already. Let me know your thoughts, lovelies!

XO Alyssa

3 thoughts on “Drugstore Discovery: [More] Wet N Wild Megalast Nailpolishes!

  1. I’ve totally been searching for an orange that isn’t too school spirit-ish (Oregon State Beavers), and a gray hue that doesn’t make me feel like a piece of cement. Thank you thank you! I would love an update on how these colors hold up, maybe # of days?

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