Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

We hope you all had a great day spent with those you love, whether a significant other, friend, or family. This holiday celebrates love, love for you family, friends, your pets, and yourself. But don’t let this day be your only day to celebrate love, because we love every single day–so remember to always be thankful and blessed for those in your life.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend it with my boyfriend and my family a day early to celebrate not only Valentine’s Day, but my cousin’s job opportunity as well. It was so nice to prepare a meal together with just me and my boyfriend. It was very a very intimate meal between us while we caught up on each other’s lives. It was a lot better than going out and spending money, because I feel like we bonded a lot more and just had fun without all the trouble of going out. Remember, keep it simple–you really don’t have to impress your guests with a full 4-course meal, it’s all about what you all will enjoy. We made salad, and paninis which was plenty for all of us. It was perfect!

On Valentine’s Day, my beau and I decided to keep it lowkey and grab a quick bite to eat and catch a movie. Needless to say, the movies were packed! But that didn’t bother us. Just a couple burritos and a movie was all we needed to pass our time together. And it had to be one of the best times.

I hope you all enjoyed your day, regardless of your relationship status. Love was definitely in the air, and I hope you all felt it and continue to.

XO Alyssa

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