Shoe Indulgence: Steve Madden Troopa

Steve Madden Troopa!Don’t you just love when you come home and there’s a package on your doorstep waiting for you to just rip open and drool all over?!

Yes, I’m sure we’re all familiar with that feeling. Today was like no other. I already knew this package was coming because I stalked it through UPS tracking, but still–I couldn’t help but be ecstatic about it to come in.

I’ve been lusting over combat boots for months now, and I haven’t found the perfect pair until I pondered the Steve Madden Troopa. I’ve found similar styles and some of you may even think “It’s just a combat boot, you can find those anywhere,” but no… I’m very picky when it comes to shoes, and the other boots I’ve seen are non-comparable. These babies are perfect. They are a worn black leather material with aged gold rivet and zipper detailing which is perfect. The heel isn’t too high, and the quality is just superb.

The best part? It was on sale! See, the reason why I didn’t get these any sooner was because they run for $100, which is a lot for me to dish on a pair of shoes. But! I scoured through the lovely world wide web and found these babies on for only $64.35, and shipping was only $5! So now I feel even more awesome because not only did I get them for a great price, these bad boys are gorgeous, comfy and all around perfect.

XO Alyssa

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